The internet thinks Under Deck’s Captain Glenn is dating his sailor. here’s why


“Below Deck” star Captain Glenn’s latest post on Instagram has fans questioning his relationship status. On June 25, he shared a photo on his thread posing with his deckhand Sydney Zaruba with the caption: “Guess the news is out.” Fans reacted immediately, but not everyone was on the same page.

Some “Below Deck” fans quickly believed the post confirmed a romance between Sydney and Glenn. “It’s so cute,” wrote one fan with sailboat and heart emojis. “Congratulations.” Another commented: “Good job Glenn! You’re my favorite captain! You both deserve happiness.” Meanwhile, some fans weren’t entirely sure if the shy post meant they were together. “Love the way everyone is going to run around with this… sweet Glenn,” wrote one skeptical fan, assuming it’s a joke.

However, some “Below Deck” viewers thought the relationship made perfect sense. “I knew that! The ‘oh look who I randomly ran into while driving!’ And “I’m dating someone, he’s a captain” hahaha smooth! Lol congratulations, have fun! Said one clearly excited person. On April 4th, Captain Glenn said he had “run into” Sydney so he was driving in the mountains of Palma, Spain Sydney also revealed at the “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” meeting on June 22 that she had been in a relationship for five months, according to Bravo.

Although the couple have not blatantly confirmed their relationship, Sydney has commented on Captain Glenn’s photo. Keep scrolling to find out what she had to say.

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