The team behind the ‘Prominent LDS bachelor’ billboard explains what they’re looking for

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — If you’ve driven on I-15 near downtown Salt Lake City recently, chances are you’ve seen an eye-catching billboard.

“Prominent LDS Bachelor Seeking Wife,” the sign reads, with a web address leading to You might think, ‘Huh, this kinda sounds like something I remember from a few years ago.’

You are on the good road. In 2019, launched another billboard in the same area, announcing that an “LDS Millionaire” was also looking for a partner.

As Amy Stevens, founder and CEO of the matchmaking service, explains, it was a resounding success.

“It’s been very, very successful in that we’ve realized how many people are really interested in doing something off the beaten path to meet someone,” Stevens says, adding that due to a deal of non-disclosure signed, she is unable to comment further on how it fitted. proved. “We had a lot of interest not only in women who wanted to meet this person, but also in men who wanted to do the same kind of thing.”

Two years later, Latter Day Matchmaker has found the heir to the billboard throne, so to speak.

Without going into too much detail about the “prominent bachelor,” Stevens and fellow matchmaker and dating coach Erin Schurtz both told that this man is quite the catch. His description on their website describes him as a “renowned surgeon” and a “wonderful father”. Moreover, he is also fit and attracts the attention of many young women, even in their 50s.

“He’s a super genuine guy,” Stevens says, mentioning that he’s a faithful but very open-minded member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who has served as a bishop several times. “He’s just a good man. When you talk to him, you just feel his patience. He just takes the time to listen and understand.

Aligning her with a potential future wife wasn’t too difficult, the applications came in quite a bit.

“It was fun working with him,” says Schurtz. “I think it wasn’t difficult to get women to say yes or agree to go on a date with him. He’s a great guy.

It’s not often that LDS Matchmakers will go so far as to post a personal ad on a bulletin board next to the Latter Day Saint capital of the universe, but sometimes someone fits the bill and is ready to go further to find his partner. Even though his star bachelor doesn’t live in Utah, he agreed to travel to Salt Lake City several times, sometimes several times a month, to go on dates with women that Stevens and Schurtz screened for him. .

Screening applicants is an incredibly intensive process, they say.

Not only do candidates have to go through the basic compatibility analysis, which may include a 200-part questionnaire, but they also have to be open about where they stand in their LDS faith. Some people can be very strict and wouldn’t go near an R-rated movie or a caffeinated soda, while others may be a bit more relaxed in their lifestyle.

At the heart of a good relationship, according to Stevens, are three traits to look for in a partner.

“We teach our clients to look for empathy, personal responsibility and self-control as the core things that will truly create a lasting relationship and a healthy relationship,” she says.

After a thorough assessment of a candidate, Stevens and his team help facilitate an introduction. What happens from there is up to the couple, they can be as low key or not with their use of the service as they want.

Just like some who choose not to reveal they met on a dating app or online, some of the matches made possible never disclose how they met. Stevens suspects that will be the case with the man who posted his willingness to meet someone new on a billboard next to the state’s busiest freeway.

“He will remain anonymous the whole way through and he will probably get married and leave when the sun goes down, and no one will know who it was unless he and his wife decide to come forward,” she laughs.

Steven’s is an interesting service that mixes both the mass marketing of a highway billboard and the privacy of an underground railroad, a metaphor she uses. The results, however, are what’s worth it.

“I guess it’s kind of like a hidden dating market,” she explains. “We make matches easy, so it’s a lot of fun being a matchmaker and being able to see the hearts of those customers and really understand them.”

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