The Untold Truth About Bethenny Frankel


Bethenny Frankel’s relief efforts began in 2017 when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico (via Silver). The Skinnygirl mogul used personal funds in addition to raising over $ 300,000 by starting his BStrong initiative. She arrived in Puerto Rico with four planes of medical supplies, food, water, hygiene products, 2,000 pounds of non-perishable food, $ 25,000 in cash gift cards and $ 25,000 in cards. -Costco gifts, all before former President Donald Trump sets foot on the island (passing through The cup).

Frankel was appalled at the lack of government support the people of Puerto Rico were receiving. “People have been living on their roofs for 13 days,” she said. People. “It is unlike anything I have ever seen. The entire houses and cars of the people are submerged in mud, unlike anything I have ever seen.” The shock of having personally witnessed the wreckage of the hurricane inspired Frankel to partner with the Global Empowerment Mission to help rescue natural disasters around the world.

Since Hurricane Maria, Frankel has worked to raise funds for COVID-19 PPE, the condo collapse in Miami in 2021, the winter power outage in Texas, Hurricane Dorian and many more (via Bethenny). It looks like Frankel has been bitten by the philanthropic bug and it doesn’t look like she is stopping her efforts anytime soon.

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