These money and investing tips can help you be smarter in a bear market that might not be average

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Why bonds haven’t performed better this year

The stock-bond correlation has fluctuated a lot over the last century Read more

Bonds did not protect you from the bear market in equities. But this asset class could

Research dating back to the 1800s shows the durability of residential real estate. Read more

Those who buy stocks on the day the S&P 500 enters a bear market have gained an average of 22.7% in 12 months

A clever contrarian strategy is to buy when the stock market drops 20%. Read more

Don’t be fooled by rapid rallies in the S&P 500 – it’s still a bear market

Maintain your primary bearish position in the S&P 500. Read More

Stock investors are still in danger, but history says bear markets are relatively brief

Stocks are highly valued and inflation is rampant, but regardless of the headwinds, bear markets typically last just over a year. Read more

You might think bearish sellers burst the market bubble, but these stocks are still inflated

Research shows that these 25 stocks fit the description of a likely bubble candidate. Read more

“The Stock Market Isn’t Going To Zero”: How This Individual Investor With 70 Years Of Experience Is Trading The Bear Market

“You have to learn to control your fears,” says investor Warren Kaplan, who uses stock dividends to his advantage and sticks to a disciplined sell strategy. Read more

The “wind-down panic” has gripped the stock, bond and crypto markets – and this may be the beginning of the end

Some silver linings begin to appear in a series of dark clouds. Read more

Four value stock picks from a fund manager who avoids the energy sector

Tyra Pratt of Jensen Investment Management sees opportunity in battered stocks of companies in the consumer discretionary sector. Read more

Seven reasons why the beleaguered biotech sector is now a ‘buy’

Investors should take advantage of low prices for a long-term view. Read more

Here is a winning investment strategy for a long period of commodity shortages

Commodities are rare. Profits can be made by selling futures contracts expiring in the short term while buying contracts with longer maturities. Read more

Cathie Wood’s ARK ETFs are crashing along with tech stocks – and value investors will be looking for the biggest bargains

The worst of the 2022 meltdown is not over for once for high-flying growth stocks. Read more

The new investment rules are very similar to the old rules

Companies must have quality earnings, attractive valuations and competitive advantages. Read more

Warren Buffett’s latest charity auction raised a record amount – but who will chase it?

Buffett’s children, Berkshire executives, or other business leaders who share Buffett’s values ​​are good candidates. Read more

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