They met on a dating app in the middle of the pandemic, he proposed in a private cinema and they are ready to marry

Pauline Moeketsi and Siyabonga Tembe.

  • We first met Pauline Moeketsi and Siyabonga Tembe in January 2022 when Siyabonga proposed to her on her 31st birthday.
  • They met on a dating app in 2020 and fell in love.
  • Siyabonga kept a promise made to him and sent his uncles to pay lobola and now they are planning their white wedding.

We first met Pauline Moeketsi and Siyabonga Tembe in January 2022 when Siyabonga proposed to her on her 31st birthday.

Their love story melts the heart. Two people were looking for true love and found it on the dating app, Bumble, during the harsh lockdown in 2020.

Although dating apps have dampened the hopes of many people looking for love, this story is sure to change your mind if you’ve ever doubted the usefulness of dating apps.

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The lesson we learned here is that when love is what you yearn for, when it comes around, you keep it with your heart and make it as dreamy as possible.

Like when Siyabonga booked a private cinema in Johannesburg not only to watch a movie with his then-girlfriend, but he created an unforgettable love scene when his proposal played on one of the monitors in the hallways.

Pauline left with tears in her eyes and a smile on her lips. She was visibly speechless but managed to say the one word Siyabonga needed to hear: ‘yes’ after getting down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage.

love, relationships, proposal
Siyabonga Tembe proposed to Pauline Moeketsi on her birthday in January 2022. Image provided

More than a year into their relationship, they got engaged, then four months later lobola negotiations took place and they are now planning their white wedding.

At the time, Pauline told us she had set her sights on meeting her husband in 2020, and when it happened, it was surreal.

love, relationships, lobola, dating
Pauline Moeketsi and Siyabonga Temba during their lobola trading day. Picture provided

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They were an instant match from day one, and once they fell in love, there was no turning back.

Four months into the proposal, Siyabonga has delivered on his promise. He recently sent his uncles from KwaZulu-Natal to pay his Tswana wife’s lobola.

“It’s so surreal for things to happen. I just remember crying and watching the two families together under one roof on our lobola day. It’s so magical,” says Pauline.

The couple tells W24 that the preparations for their white wedding are going smoothly. And soon, we’ll get a glimpse of their wedding. “The celebrations have only just begun,” adds Pauline.

love, relationships, lobola, dating
Pauline Moeketsi chose a clean and elegant mermaid design on the day of the lobola negotiations. Picture provided

Siyabonga says he is happy and optimistic, “I can’t wait for the day.”

Their two families were able to meet and celebrate this union during the lobola negotiations in May.

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The two, always in tune since the first day of their meeting, opted for an African fabric for their traditional dress, chosen by Siyabonga, and of course, Pauline loved it.

“I wanted something sleek and elegant,” she shares the inspiration behind her strapless mermaid dress.

Pauline says women looking for love should remember to focus and pour out on themselves. “Once you are in a good space emotionally and psychologically, you will attract the man who is destined to be your forever. He will come, he exists. Pray for him before he even comes,” she says.

When the time is right, even a pandemic can’t stop love and forever happiness from making a splash in your life.

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