They met on a dating app, took advantage of an oversight and drugged him: he stole money and his cell phone

A young woman was stopped in the last hours in the neighborhood of La Boca in Buenos Aires, accused of drug a man and steal your things. Wife went to the victim’s apartment after scheduling the meeting via a dating social network.

The robbed man told police: the young woman would have introduced something into the drink while he went downstairs to get a pizza.

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A date that ended in the worst possible way

According to the victim’s complaint, a 33-year-old man, he had met the woman through a social dating network. After a few days of discussion, he invited her to dinner at his apartment in the feast of San Isidro in Buenos Aires.

The meeting was proceeding normally until the man went downstairs to get a pizza he had ordered. When he returned, he continued to drink from his glass, but after a few minutes started to feel sick and dizzy.

The owner of the house recalled that before he fell asleep, the woman took him to bed and that he thought he saw three people who later entered his house.

Waking up the next day, he found that they had stolen his phone, money, televisions and other devices.

How did they find the thief?

First, the researchers conducted a data crossingas the young woman continued to activate the same mobile phone and post on the social network, although under another alias. Yes indeed succeeded in determining his identity arrest him.

Field work continued and it was found that the suspect had moved in another house at 1000 Olavarría Street. According to testimonies collected in the region, He had frequent conflicts with his neighbors due to aggressive attitudes for them.

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Surveillance duties around the new address intensified and a few days later the accused was seen walking through Melo and Magallanes, where she was arrested.

The arrest was made by personnel from the Captures and Fugitives Division of the City Police Personnel Search Department, based on a request for cooperation from the San District Criminal Investigations Executive Area Isidro, in charge of Carolina Asprella.


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