This app connects families to form friendships

We’ve all heard of dating apps, but there’s a tri-state local who had the vision to create a matching app for the family community. Dzhangar Sanzhiev created MatchFamilies to help families build social bonds in a welcoming environment. Whether you want to make friends who also have kids, connect your kids with other community members, or search for new friends after moving to the area, this app will help make it easier. Read on to learn more about MatchFamilies, its founder, and how this unique idea came about.

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hoboken girl: Give us the “elevating pitch” for MatchFamilies.

Dzhangar Sanzhiev: What’s more important in your life than your family and friends? But what if, for example, you move to another city or another country? You don’t have them nearby anymore, do you? Humans are social creatures and we all want to have a good social life, but that’s not possible without good friends. Yet one in four Americans feel lonely and isolated (according to Cigna research). Researchers say loneliness is the new pandemic. Now, finding good friends is hard – and for married people it’s even harder, because more people are involved and more criteria have to match, like common interests or age of children. There are tons of apps for singles, but nothing for families to help them find friends. It’s so unfair!

Every family has big matches living nearby, maybe a block away. But how would they find them? What are the chances that their paths will cross one day? The MatchFamilies app makes it quick and easy. Instead of hoping to meet someone by chance, our users have thousands of chances to meet like-minded people right now. They can find exactly who they’re looking for, connect with them, arrange meetups or playground dates, attend regular family events, find their village, and access helpful content and tips all in one place.

H.G.: Why do you think Hoboken + Jersey City are great places for users to try out MatchFamilies?

DS: Several reasons – Hoboken + Jersey City are very family-friendly places. There are many fresh expats/immigrants looking to make new social connections. There are several large ethnic communities, but I know most people don’t mind meeting other nice families outside of their ethnic communities. But even within an ethnic community, it is not easy to find families who really match or who share the same ideas (for example with children of the same age group, people with similar interests and who are on the same wavelength). Most of the events held in Hoboken/JC are not designed to create new social bonds (usually it’s when mothers bring their children to have fun and wait for them to finish or, if there is an event family, it is not common to come as the whole family and get to know each other (most people are grouped together)). We therefore want to organize inclusive events aimed at bringing families together, where the children can have fun while the parents chat and do not need to supervise the children (we will have people to take care of the children). We have been isolated for too long. It’s time to socialize!

H.G.: Do you have any personal ties to the Hoboken/Jersey City area?

DS: I lived there for a little while, have close friends who still live there, and talk to investors from Hoboken who are considering investing in MatchFamilies.

H.G.: What is your academic/professional background?

DS: I am a former managing director and sales leader within the international HR consultancy space.

Dzhangar Sanzhiev matchfamilies

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H.G.: What gave you the inspiration to make MatchFamilies? What problem does it help solve?

DS: I moved to a new country with my family and I know the pain of building a new social circle from scratch, it takes a lot of time and effort and I thought – how [can I] to make easy? And decided to develop the MatchFamilies application. We fight against such important problems for our society as loneliness, isolation and lack of social integration among families all over the world.

H.G.: Did you create it alone or with someone else?

DS: I hired a team of developers and designers to execute my vision.

H.G.: How many years were necessary to create this service? What did his creation look like?

DS: It was a great and exciting experience, full of learning and creativity. It took us about a year to develop, run test runs, launch a prototype, and then launch the app live on app stores. We have constantly worked to improve the app and now, with our first investors on board, we are preparing to evolve.

H.G.: How did you come up with the name?

DS: It was pretty easy, because we’re matching families.

H.G.: What was the most rewarding aspect of creating MatchFamilies?

DS: Thousands of families thank you for this application because they were able to meet new people and make friends.

H.G.: What do you hope for the application in 10 years?

We are working on developing the app from the “socialization and community platform” into a “useful portal for families” (in addition), where every family can get real value for their daily life, for example s Engage in groups by interests, get discounts, travel and home exchange with their best overseas matches, access helpful content and resources for families.

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H.G.: Is MatchFamilies available nationally or is it regionally based?

DS: It is available worldwide. We are currently focused on growing our user base in Europe and the United States.

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H.G.: Is MatchFamilies free?

DS: Yes, all basic features are free. We work on a subscription model with advanced features and free events for subscribed users.

H.G.: Would you say it’s similar to a dating app? How is it different?

DS: Our app is for friendships and for families, not dates or anything romantic. We bring families together not only in the app, but also at live family events. In addition, we are developing a local community of helpful families, where people support each other.

H.G.: Is there anything else you think our readers should know?

DS: We intentionally keep the app free, but would appreciate a donation to help us develop it further (if you like the idea or come across a good match). You can download the app, create a profile and purchase extended access, getting lifetime access to all features (including future ones) for a payment/donation of $14.99.

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