This man sues a dating service because there are not enough female profiles available after paying over 9K for his subscription


Dating can be difficult for many love seekers, but for a man in the United States, it was a downright painful experience. In fact, it was so bad that he sued the dating site he was using after paying a high subscription for the service.

A Colorado man named Ian Cross is currently in a legal battle with The Denver Dating Co. because he says they don’t have enough girls on the site for him to choose.

The 29-year-old says he paid $ 9,409.80 for a dating service subscription, but quickly learned that “there were only five women between the ages of 18 and 35 active in the data.”

Cross’s lawyer would have said he expressed concerns with the company and requested a refund, but after a few back and forths they ghosted him.

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That’s not all, he is also suing the dating service for using “online reviews from fake consumers or fake consumers to generate a misleading impression among the public about the quality and characteristics of their service.”

Interestingly, this story is not the first of its kind and maybe not the last. That’s because the report says that in August, a woman took legal action against a dating site when they paired her with a man under six feet tall.

You can’t make things up, she even asked for a refund of $ 4,995 and a letter of apology.

Be honest, have you ever wanted to pursue a dating app because it wasted your time?

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