Top five dating app deactivations listed in sex toy brand study

Cropping your ex in photos and posing with a fish you’ve caught are the two biggest annoyances for those who use dating apps, according to research from sex toy brand

Not having photos with pets, meanwhile, has been found to be the second biggest reason people decide to swipe left, followed by straightforward or in-a-word responses and people who swipe left. do not respond very well to rejection.

After polling 2,200 UK adults over 18, 25-35 year olds were seen as the pickiest about dating apps, swiping right for only around 8% of the profiles they see appearing and n ‘tending only to send messages. 40% of those with whom they correspond.

Additionally, the 18-24 age group was found to have the highest number of stoppages, with 94% of respondents having a list of five or more.

More than half of those surveyed in the study also said they had become too picky with who they searched for on dating apps (52%), which led them to have unrealistic dating expectations.

And, when asked if there had ever been any instances where they thought they needed or wanted to delete their dating apps, more than two-thirds (71%) of respondents revealed that they had deleted their dating app profiles in the past.

According to the study, the top five annoyances encountered by users on dating apps, with the percentage of respondents turned off, are as follows:

Crop their ex-partner from a photo to use on their profile when it is obvious it was a photo with their ex – 68%

When a guy posts a photo of himself posing with a fish he caught – 62%

· No animals in their photos – 54%

If you don’t have pictures of pets on your dating app profile, 54% of people swipe left, according to a survey by sex toy brand

Give direct or one-word answers – 51%

When you turn someone down and they don’t take the rejection very well – 48%

On the survey results, Tom Thurlow, CEO and Founder of, commented, “Gone are the days when people naturally met at work, through a mutual friend or at a bar. Now, the modern dating world is all about swiping right and super loving.

“Not only have we found that people are becoming more and more selective about who they ‘like’, but our research has also shown that while dating apps allow us to see hundreds of people within our set distance, we limit ourselves. in fact more of us would be if we were to meet someone in the real world. This is mainly due to the fact that our society is so critical, whereby we now base our whole opinion of someone on a few photos and a bio which is only a few lines long. “

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