Ulrika Jonsson details how painful arthritis affects her love life

Ulrika Jonsson has long struggled with arthritis and says she often jokes about her condition when talking about it to people she starts dating

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Celebs Go Dating: Ulrika Jonsson Gets Zoned Out By Her Date

Ulrika Jonsson has opened up about the effect her arthritis condition has on her at night and admits it’s not the sexiest condition to have.

The presenter, 54, revealed how the condition often wakes her up in agony at night and can also cause ‘brain fog’.

The mum-of-four also said she is always open with her condition to those she dates as it can often negatively impact her relationships.

However, she says it’s not something she would publicize right away and when she does, she’d rather make a joke about the situation.

Arthritis is common in people in their 40s and older and causes joint pain and inflammation.

Ulrika Jonsson says arthritis can affect her love life

Ulrika, who is currently single, told The Sun: “I’m not in a relationship – when I was married I mean sleeping next to someone isn’t ideal if you’re awake or in pain. and that’s one of the things I was thinking about with this campaign.

“It’s bound to affect relationships and people around you and your ability to be intimate perhaps.”

Ulrika has partnered with social enterprise Arthr, whose recent study found that three-quarters of arthritis sufferers said their joint pain interfered with their sleep and it could impact their sex life.

She said she had to learn to accept the condition because of the time she had been in it and trying to “work with it”.

She continued: “I laugh and joke about it, if it takes me a while to get up out of a chair, I’ll say ‘oh, here comes the arthritis again’ and I think maybe people think that I’m kidding and just taking the mickey but it’s actually real and happening. It’s a big part of who I am.”

Ulrika, who was the face of Gladiators alongside John Fashanu, admits she has had to deal with the disease since childhood and says she just has to manage it as best she can.

“The other night it broke out and I was laying there at 3am it’s so sore it’s not every night but I would say I’m in pain every day I’m there am so used to it as if it were a familiar pain,” she added.

And she explained how lack of sleep due to waking up can often see her mood drop.

Ulrika says she sometimes wakes up in agony



She continued: “I’m a mother of four, I first became a mum 28 years ago, I’m used to sleepless nights and trouble sleeping, but that doesn’t mean it’s my option. favorite and without a doubt, lack of sleep gives you a kind of brain fog, you can be moody and catchy.”

She admits the disease is something most people associate with older people, although it can affect people of all ages and explained how it affects everyone around you.

While the star says she worries about her worsening condition, she is focusing on whatever she can to counter it, including pilates and correcting her posture.

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