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App developer Chris Crew says most first dates are terrible.

“People are afraid… there is a lot of rejection on both sides,” he told AAP.

Still, he met his partner Aurora Townsend on Tinder about two years ago and together they solve the problem of difficult first dates by creating an app for people to meet in VR instead.

Planet Theta is the first virtual reality program dedicated to dating, designed for Oculus and Steam VR headsets by their company, FireFlare Games, which is not based in Silicon Valley but in Wyoming.

While people can find love with a headset in apps like VRChat, Echo VR, Facebook Venues, and AltSpaceVR, these aren’t specifically designed for dating, and chatting or creating identities. deceptive online is a constant problem.

“There is nothing that is well regulated and adults only, and dating oriented… we are the only game in town,” said Mr. Crew.

On Planet Theta, people can meet in virtual nightclubs, parks, beaches, and cafes, and they can use the settings to choose to meet other people who live in the same area or elsewhere in the world. .

And, as the developers note, there is no pandemic on Planet Theta.

The first dates are only five minutes long, which Mr. Crew says is extremely convenient.

“You can have four or five first dates in the time it takes for an average person to prepare for an in-person date,” he said.

Exceptionally for a dating app, Planet Theta will encourage its users to create avatars that resemble their actual appearance and verify that they have done so.

“We try to encourage people to look alike… what we don’t want is for people to use their date to look like a model and then find out that they really look like normal people,” Mr Crew said.

The developers used high-end British designers Dashvisual to create their hangouts, with a virtual forest a particular favorite for Mr. Crew.

“Some of the scenes are breathtaking; you walk towards these massive trees and they make a tingle along your spine,” he said.

Virtual reality may not seem mainstream right now, but in the United States, around 60 million people use virtual reality at least once a month.

Mr Crew expects between two and five million people to tune in to find virtual love when the app launches in 2022.

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