We talked the whole baseball game and said goodbye. Then he ghosted me: Dating Diaries

Meredith is 30 years old, works in media and lives in Bayview Village. She says, “I love looking for unique clothes. I’m not afraid to take risks with different styles. Since moving home during the pandemic, I have become very interested in thrift stores and drive throughout the GTA to visit vintage stores and thrift stores. “Meredith is” quirky, loving, funny and confident. I have a really big personality. She says, “I rediscovered my passion for Pilates and took classes regularly. Otherwise, I’ve been to a lot. outdoors with friends, walking dogs and hiking.

The pandemic really interrupted my love life as it added another level of planning and communication. I also changed jobs recently and I was really focused on my professional retraining. I had a mini relationship over the summer that didn’t work out; dating has been sporadic since then.

I met Jon on a dating app. I really liked how it looked. He was a few years older than me, tall, with dark hair. He appeared to be outdoors and active and had alluring blue eyes. Better yet, on the app, he asked me lots of questions about myself, my family and my passions. His answers were long and elaborate.

I asked Jon if he would like to meet downtown for a drink. He agreed, but suggested we go to a Blue Jays game instead. I thought it was a great idea. He took the initiative to find the next game and bought the tickets. I was more than happy to meet him. I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I really liked the idea of ​​doing something different on a date. I even arranged to sleep at my friend’s house the night of the game so that I could go out late if the date was going well.

I was 20 minutes late to meet Jon and felt so guilty, but he was courteous about it and told me not to worry. He was very attractive. He had positive energy and was funny. At first I was a little nervous watching a baseball game over four hours long with a stranger, but immediately felt comfortable with Jon. The conversation went smoothly and I found myself having a great time with him. We talked about family, about TV shows we loved, about books we had both read, about our jobs and our future plans. Jon told me he was saving money to buy a house someday. I enjoyed hearing about his efforts to save and build a future. It’s something I’m working towards as well. I really bonded with him.

The baseball game is gone. To be honest, I didn’t even really pay attention to the game because we were talking all the time. While part of the conversation was serious, it also seemed light and easy.

At the end of the date, I walked with Jon to Union Station and we said goodbye. I suggested we meet again soon and he agreed. I absolutely wanted to see him again. I asked him to text me when he got home and he did. He worked early the next morning and we texted all day.

Over the next few days, we continued to text, but I noticed that his responses to my texts were getting more scattered and shorter. I was heading to a cottage for the weekend and on Friday night, as I was driving with some friends, I texted Jon asking if he would like to meet the following week. When I arrived at the chalet, I realized that the internet reception was really bad. When I didn’t hear from Jon on Saturday or Sunday, I figured it must be just the weak internet and that I would hear from him when I had better reception.

I’ve never heard of Jon. He never responded to my SMS invitation. I was shocked and really hurt. I thought he would at least have the decency to answer and decline my offer. I didn’t know what I had done; I was completely blinded. I thought about sending a follow-up text to check and see if he had received my message, but I was too embarrassed. To this day, I still don’t know what happened. I thought I had uneven service, but I had been a ghost.

Meredith rates her date (out of 10): 9

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