What Happened Before The 90 Days Cast This Week (June 06)

Several new revelations about the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Day S5 cast went viral online. Take a look at some of the most shocking headlines.

TLC presented perhaps the best ensemble cast with 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 5, which explains why 90 day fiance fans are still interested in what they are doing today. Last week, Ella Johnson and Memphis Sandoval resurfaced online long after Season 5 wrapped. Ella revealed her weight loss transformation, and new mom Memphis had her Instagram followers swoon with her new figure. thin. Meanwhile, Memphis estranged husband Hamza Moknii had some bad news to share with viewers of the show.

Tunisian Hamza has apologized to his supporters, who hope to see him next season. He then wished all his friends to 90 day fiancea good seasonon his Instagram Story, which suggests he may have given up after filming a few episodes with Memphis. Jasmine Pineda, who is still in Panama, has revealed a chilling secret about her beautiful skin, a vampire facial. Jasmine underwent the plasma procedure and promised to reveal the results after ten days.


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Besides these actors, Mahogany has lost weight since his last 90 day fiance appearance and showed off her ripped new body in a gym selfie. Fans think Mahogany still edits her Instagram photos, but her weight loss journey may have been inspired by her partner Ben Rathbun, who she’s still reportedly dating. Kim Menzies joined Pillow talk and was a great addition alongside his fan-favorite son, Jamal Menzies. As for Usman Umar, he revealed how he was increasing his net worth with the help of American fans.

Usman claims he’s done it before in America

Kim Menzies - Engagement Rumors - Usman Umar - 90 Day Fiancé

When Usmanaka Sojaboy, reverted to 90 day fiance with a new American, fans realized that he intended to get a green card and launch his career in the United States from the beginning. However, Usman is smarter than the fans think and is already winning”good money” in America. When asked if Usman was considering a career as a musician in the United States, Usman revealed to fans that he was not “thinkingsince he “has already done it”. Usman says he “withdraw a lot of money every month“since the people who stream his songs are”90% […] Americans.” While Usman may deny using Kim or his ex-wife Lisa Hamme for fame, there’s a reason he still thanks TLC and 90 day fiance for making him a star.

Ximena Morales continues to flaunt her new boyfriend

Ximena Morales smiling in 90 Day Fiancé.

90 day fiance fans discovered Ximena and Mike Berk’s split when she accidentally posted a video of a bearded, tattooed man to her TikTok account. The man has been identified as Josh Romeo from Canada, who was Ximena’s new boyfriend and also gave her a ring on her 25th birthday. However, Ximena’s most recent Instagram posts feature neither Mike nor Josh, but an entirely new man, to whom she says “I love you.” Although fans say Ximena’s new boyfriend is too young for her, she isn’t shy about posing for some steamy photos with him.

Ella’s impressive weight loss

Ella Johnson 90 Day Fiancee Before 90 Days

At Ella and Johnny Chao 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days the relationship was complicated because of her”Asian obsession», long distance, COVID-19 and his infidelity. But fans also noticed how Johnny was concerned about Ella’s weight loss and did little to defend her when her friends made fun of her figure. Ella herself was looking to lose”I hope 20, but at least 10” pounds by going to the gym. Whether Johnny and Ella’s relationship was successful or not, she seems to have started to put her health first. In a photo shared by The_Chuckness88 on Reddit from an Idaho hotel where Ella recently checked in, the breeder looked much slimmer and showed tremendous progress in her weight loss.

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Source: Ousman Omar/Instagram, Ximena Morales/Instagram, you/The_Chuckness88/reddit

90 Day Fiancé's Lisa Hamme: Before the 90 Days.

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