“When should I delete my dating apps after meeting someone?” “


Becky: Ooh, jump the gun a bit, looks like.

Lizza: Hmmm, I wouldn’t say until you are. . .

Nikoline: Married?

Becky: You had your first child. Then you can delete them. I’m kidding.

Lizza: For me, it’s until you have this conversation where you agree to be exclusive and then you can delete them together. But don’t interfere. Do not disarm unilaterally.

Becky: OK. Because nobody wants to redo their profile.

Lizza: It can be as simple as saying, “Hey, I wish we were exclusive, would you remove your apps? Or you can be very laid back: joke that your profile is still, then take a look at things and see how they feel.

Becky: The other person will expect that if they deleted their apps, you should too. And
vice versa.

Nikoline: If there was a conversation about exclusivity, you would certainly hope so.

Becky: You could say something like, “Hey, this is going great. I feel like I might not like to see anyone else. How would
do you want to get rid of Tinder? Personally, I’m done with that ”.

Lizza: And if they balk, then I guess that tells you where you are at and maybe the relationship isn’t as serious as you thought.

Becky: Yeah, keep sliding. Also download Bumble. Why not?

Lizza: There is an app which is just for one night stands. It’s like Grindr for straight guys, but someone I know has met someone on it.

Becky: Truly?

Lizza: They weren’t serious, until suddenly they were. And then one day, they said to themselves: “Oh, we still have the app”. And from there they decided they were going to be exclusive because they liked to sleep together.

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