Who is the star of “13 Reasons Why” with Ross Butler? This is what we know


Among the many sexy 20’s and 30’s playing teens in the highly controversial Netflix series adaptation of 13 reasons why, as well as CW’s cringey Archie adapted for the comic book Riverdale series, is Ross Butler. The dreamy 31-year-old actor (who should probably move on from portraying high school kids) has landed his landmark role as Brett Willis on the Disney Channel series KC infiltrated, which starred Emmy winner Zendaya in 2015.

The TV star is obviously on track to reach potential A-lister status, recently landing a voice role in the 2021 Disney animated film. Raya and the last dragon. So, given his promising talent and obviously adorable face, people want to know more about Ross’s love life. Well, TMZ recently reported that he was spotted romanticizing another TV star. The masses (at least of the TV-obsessed variety) want to know, who is he dating?

What does Ross Butler’s dating history look like?

“It’s difficult because we’ve been in COVID for a year now, so I haven’t had first dates in a while. I have no more training. My love life is a bit cold right now, ”Ross explained to Charm back in February 2021. “I’m waiting a bit. I just worked on career stuff and took the time to learn more about hobbies. The actor, who was the trusted host of small private game nights last winter, explained why he wasn’t trying to date him at the time.

“Since I’m hosting the game night, I don’t want to bring a girl who isn’t there for it or who doesn’t want to play. It’s not going to be fun for anyone, and it’s not a date I want, ”he continued. Anyone who doesn’t like a good ol ‘game night can take a hike, but that’s not the point.

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It seems that the To all the boys: PS I still love you Star was playing it a little shy for his Charm interview, not giving much information about his romantic situation. He made it clear, however, that he preferred bowling as a first date to a traditional dinner.

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Ross, who has vaguely relayed that he takes an interest in women with “a curiosity and an appreciation for life,” seems to be a pretty private guy. But with TMZ Always ready to expose the ins and outs of celebrity personal lives, there’s a new development regarding Ross’s love life.

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