Who will find love on our blind date?


Romka, 29 (pictured) has been single for two years

Vital statistics

Single for two years, no children.




The love of my life, and he sure won’t be a playboy. He will be honest and loyal, but also funny and spontaneous.

Romka, 29 years old

Dating past?

I have had some serious relationships; I was with my last boyfriend for almost two years. He was older than me and I was madly in love, so when he ended things it almost broke me. Since then I have pulled myself together and now joke with my girlfriends that I am on a professional date. I have met a lot of potential marriage candidates, but no one gave me butterflies in my stomach.

Nerves before the date?

A little, but I kept them at bay by organizing myself. I am a planner, so I had already checked out the restaurant.

First impressions?

I got there early so I ordered a gin and tonic from the bar. Ali was introduced to me by the waiter. He is handsome and was elegantly dressed in black pants with a denim shirt.

He seemed nervous at first.

Easy to talk to?

Ali had just gone through a virtual job interview ahead of our date, so we chatted about how he thought it went. I think he was stressed and therefore wanted a debriefing. I am a good listener and I was happy that he discharged.

I have found that we are both at a point in our lives where we are serious about meeting our life partner. Ali has spent his 20 years focused on his career and is now ready to commit. I told him my friends thought I was crazy going on a blind date, which made Ali laugh.

We decided to go for the menu. Ali went for shrimp followed by lobster pasta, while I had smoked salmon and steak. We devoured everything like this moment in Eat Pray Love where Julia Roberts eats an Italian meal on her own and also uses her fingers.

Embarrassing moments?

Romka’s verdict: 7/10

LOVE? The food is delicious.

REGRETS? Not at all.

COFFEE OR CABIN? Coffee with friends

Our introduction to the bar went so quickly that I didn’t understand Ali’s name. So when he offered to exchange our numbers at the end of the meal, I had to ask him what his name was. I apologized and luckily Ali laughed.

Have the sparks flown?

No. When I saw Ali, I immediately knew that the physical attraction was not there, but she is a lovely person.

Goodbye ?

Yes, as friends. He’s already invited me to a party.

What do you think he thought of you?

Ali told me that I was a great person and that I was lovely too. Even so, I have no idea whether he was attracted to me or not.

Would your friends like it?

Yes, my friends would accept it. He is easy going and friendly.

Ali, 33 (pictured) has been single for a year

Ali, 33 (pictured) has been single for a year

Vital statistics

Single for a year, no children.


Manager in the public sector.


An outdoor person who is funny and easy going. I tend to avoid women who take themselves too seriously.

Ali, 33 years old

Go out together?

I saw someone for a year, but we drifted apart when the pandemic hit. It was my very first relationship because I was so focused on my career.

Now that I have settled into my professional life, I feel like it’s a good time to meet someone.

I have tried dating apps but had a few weird experiences and yes I was trapped. One “woman” I had talked to turned out to be a man when we first met. I have no idea who he used the photo for. I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings so I had a short but polite conversation with him; this is the world of online dating for you.

Nervous before?

A little nervous, but after confinement it’s a pretty romantic way to meet someone.

First impressions?

Romka is attractive and has an enchanting smile. I felt comfortable with her. She looked effortlessly cool in a black mini skirt and white top.

Easy to talk to?

The conversation didn’t stop. We went through the menu and agreed that we needed to order dishes that we hadn’t tried before or eaten in quite some time.

We talked about our social lives. Now that I am vaccinated, I am more open to meeting new people. We both lived in Hull and York and talked about the difference between the two cities.

I want to learn a new language and Romka advised me to go for a romantic language like Spanish or French. She made me laugh. We had fun playing games like guessing our server’s nationality from their accent. I was right.

Embarrassing moments?

Ali’s verdict: 10/10

LOVE? I really enjoyed the food.

REGRETS? Nothing.


Around the middle of the meeting, I lost the credit card I was using to pay for our meal. I was in panic mode for five minutes before finding it in my jeans. Romka joked that she should take custody of it for both of us.

Have sparks flown?

I thought they could have, but Romka didn’t feel the same.

To see her again ?

I hope. Even though we’ve just met, I feel like I know Romka well.

What do you think she thought of you?

I hope I am in good company. Romka doesn’t see me in a romantic way and that suits me perfectly.

Would your friends like it?

Yes, after confinement I realized the importance of friends for my personal resilience. That’s why my friends would also welcome Romka.

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