Why Animation is the Perfect Match for Marketing Dating Apps, as Studio Desk Proves

Depending on who you ask, dating means a lot of things — from fun to frustrating, awkward to time-consuming. When it comes to marketing a matchmaking app, it’s a lot of complex human emotions to unpack in a short promotional film. This is also why, according to London-based Studio Desk, animation lends itself perfectly to the realm of dating apps. Besides an engaging way to discover a brand, it’s the perfect way to visualize a host of feelings – as proven by the studio’s latest work for the dating app Badoo, Intentions.

“Animation can very well represent subjective experiences and can make the interior visible and therefore tangible to an audience,” Studio Desk founders Kathrin Steinbacher and Emily Downe told It’s Nice That. The two explain that through techniques such as exaggerating character movements, transitions or shape morphing, the medium can explore states of mind, “which is a bit more difficult or sometimes impossible to do with the medium. ‘photographic image’. Likewise, instead of starring specific actors, the co-founders state that animation “allows more people to see themselves in the on-screen characters.” For the duo’s work for Badoo, the studio says, “It was really important for us to design more androgynous and diverse characters to allow a wider range of people to see themselves in the characters.”

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