Why are there so many dating apps, and is it worth investing in more?

If you are an investor, consider taking an in-depth look at the business of dating.

There are over 1500 dating websites or apps that are competing for married males and females’ attention, and matching them up with each other. On first sight, this seems to be adequate, especially considering the multitude of expert applications that are available, including the app for beard lovers one that connects college students and former athletes, or professional athletes with apps that cater to every age group, and many more. But, that’s not the case.

In the year 2019, Facebook released a new dating application, which highlights its huge potential. The daily active users has increased to 15 percent. The number of users who initiate conversations on dating platforms have been up by 18 percent. The time average spent on dating sites has grown by 14% according to Covid-2019. According to Technavio which is a renowned global technology consultancy and research firm internet-based dating is predicted to grow to USD 3.56 billion between 2020 and 2024.

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Why do people avoid making connections with Facebook as well as other sites?

As we’ve mentioned, Facebook introduced its dating application, Facebook Dating, in September of this year. The idea was straightforward: to aid two individuals to form lasting relationships through shared interests as well as activities and groups. According to Facebook states it will take the burden of creating profiles for dating and gives users with a deeper glimpse of who someone is. Facebook announced in October that it had gathered that 1,5 billion matches had been made in the twenty countries in which the program has been offered so far. The program was scheduled to launch in Europe sometime around Valentine’s Day 2020, but the date was delayed due to the scrutiny of regulatory authorities by The European Union.

Facebook has a huge audience and has a wealth of information about people’s preferences and likes which includes their family and friends. Naturally, it can utilize that massive amount of information to aid you in finding your perfect match. The annual revenue from the dating industry is estimated to be around $10 billion. Facebook believes it has a chance to make money from this market’s steady expansion.

When Facebook was first introduced it was obvious that it was going to be an important and powerful competitor in the industry. However, the results were not all that clear.

Traditional social media firms like Facebook and Instagram have the potential to build successful dating applications within their ecosystems however, they have to overcome a number of obstacles. Facebook has attempted and was unsuccessful in incorporating dating into its platforms previously. Why?

My opinion is that Facebook will have to face two obstacles. For one, people who are in the business of app development prefer to use multiple apps to fulfill different needs. The app world was designed to serve a specific purpose. Each app has a limited application which is the only thing it has to offer. Facebook is mostly used to stay in contact with family, friends and coworkers in this case.

The second one is inextricably linked and the primary one. The dating process is often a private aspect of people’s lives and they aren’t always keen to expose it to others in the world. Many like to hide their first relationships private from their large social circle of family and friends, like they would in real life. One reason why that there are several app for dating sites is because of this.

What’s happening in the world of dating apps today?

The vastness of the world gives people a wide range of options to meet a potential partner. The ability to create something new that addresses the needs of people’s relationship life is what makes apps extremely popular. Certain apps offer a huge volume and speed, while other provide a more extensive experience, which is more difficult to locate and communicate with the correct person. Some offer more specific knowledge, for instance, learning about how to identify someone who is part of a particular segment of the population. They can be offered in many different ways. For your business to be successful you have to first determine an area of need or a niche that people are looking for, and then develop products that make the process as easy and enjoyable as you can.

In both established and new platforms There are two current trends I’ve observed. Since the Covid-2019 outbreak has stopped individuals from gathering in person, video and gaming have gained more traction.

Utilizing video dating has always been a thing however the rise of video dating has increased the pace. Platforms are popping up with everything from speed-dating for one minute to an entire online dinner date.

In the online world of dating It can be a challenge to meet the person you’re dating. There’s a lot of this on both new as well as established platforms which allow people to play games to familiar with and understand each other.

I’m sure you’ll continue to observe these trends unfold. Video dating has become the new norm with 95 percent of people who video-date say they would be willing to do it again.

Additionally, dating apps that specialize in particular niches are expected to increase in popularity. While the most well-known platforms will remain and remain the top players I expect the development of a variety of niche platforms that allow users to select a specific partner.

Why is this the perfect moment to invest?

This is the best time to make an investment in dating apps. The demand for online dating is increasing. The biggest players will always be there however, there always will be room for the newcomers. Many people fail to achieve success when using traditional channels. The market for a fresh platform can always be. The problem is coming up with the perfect one!

The investment in dating is comparable to investing in any other type of business. We look for two key aspects. The team that leads is first and first. It is essential to have an energetic, passionate and highly motivated staff with a compelling and clear vision.

The product, naturally is the second place. It is imperative to find the product we believe is scalable. The decision to invest or not depends on the combination of product and team.

In terms of KPIs I believe certain metrics are the most important to understand. The rate of growth of revenue and users will be the primary thing we look for. The number of users as well as the revenue generated isn’t as important as the degree to which they’re growing.

After we’ve determined the rate of growth then we have to determine how they’re growing. We look at marketing expenses and their relationship to the income generated. The most essential formula to understand is Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) as opposed to. Lifetime Value (LTV).

If you’ve been in the dating industry and would like to get involved in the field start with reading the Global Dating Insights website and attending their events. There is a wealth of information available about the industry through a website similar to this. There are many startups looking for investment opportunities through their events (they offer virtual events throughout Covid-2019).

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