Why fans think Ella used Tinder to cheat on Johnny

90 Day Fiancé fans have spotted the Tinder logo on Ella Johnson’s phone, suggesting she may have used a dating app to cheat on Johnny Chao again.

90 day fiance Star Ella Johnson appears to have been active on dating apps during her relationship with boyfriend Johnny Chao, according to evidence uncovered by fans on social media. In a recent episode of 90 day fiancé: before 90 days, Ella admitted to cheating on Johnny who is still stuck in China. The loneliness in their long-distance relationship apparently caused Ella to seek help from a friend, whom she eventually cuddled and slept with. While Johnny was shocked himself, his behavior was all the more shocking to TLC viewers. Instead of breaking up with Ella on the spot, Johnny instead asked for her ring size. Alas, fans think Ella – who played the victim – has a lot more secrets tucked under her sleeve.


When fans first met Ella on 90 day fiancé: before 90 days, she had already seemed frustrated that Johnny had not yet come to the United States. Ella had big plans to show Johnny her ranch life and plan their future together when they became husband and wife. While Ella was honest about how her search for a “fox demon“led her to find her”asian prince“Johnny, she also confided in her difficulties in finding love with local men. Then again, Ella didn’t have to wait long after her open conversation with Johnny to find someone to sleep with. Due to Ella’s earlier confessions about her unsuccessful love life in Idaho, some viewers even wondered if she lied about cheating on Johnny.

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That said, some observers 90 day fiance viewers spotted a major clue during Ella and Johnny’s scene that indicates she had been using Tinder behind her back even after admitting her mistake. It appears Ella got Tinder notifications while video calling Johnny according to a screenshot shared on Reddit. A fan also claimed to have seen the Ok Cupid icon in Ella’s notification bar, but someone dismissed them saying it was the Credit Karma logo instead. Alas, seeing the recognizable Tinder icon left fans infuriated, with some posting comments like, “Probably showed the notification bar on purpose. ‘To see? In fact, I can get fucked!‘” and calling Ella the “female version of Big ED.”

A 90 day fiance The viewer called Ella manipulative while noting that she wasn’t even going to tell Johnny she cheated if he told her he was meeting her in Dubai. The fan questioned why Ella cheated on Johnny since she knew what awaited her when she “decided to be in a committed relationship with someone from around the world.” A few other fans are sure that Ella and Johnny had broken up when the scene was filmed given how calm they both were despite the bombshell she dropped.

It also makes sense for Ella to have a dating app on her phone if she was single again but was just starring in a producer-directed storyline with Johnny. However, Ella apparently spoiled her 90 day fiance storyline via Instagram when she posted hints that she was still with Johnny. Meanwhile, Johnny is still trying to get to the United States amid COVID-19 cases surging again in his country. He also shockingly took most of the blame for Ella cheating on him. It’s possible Johnny is also hiding a secret that made Ella want to teach him a lesson by getting closer to another man. Otherwise, Johnny has already accepted Ella’s idea of ​​an open relationship in a scene that didn’t make it to the final cut.

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