Why Johnny’s Expectations for Bao Are Unrealistic


During season 13 of Married at First Sight, Johnny Lam and Bao Huang Hoang got married. Johnny expects his fiancée to follow certain rules.

As the new season of Married at first sight unfolds, fans learn more about the featured husbands and wives, and here’s why fans accuse Johnny Lam of expecting too much from his wife, Bao Huang Hoang. As they are the first Asian-American couple to star in Married at first sight, viewers are eager to watch Johnny and Bao MAFS the marriage develops in season 13. Unfortunately, Johnny’s unachievable standards have kept Bao from being successful as a woman. This is why fans believe Johnny doomed his marriage to failure.

Johnny and Bao have one of the most complicated stories of Married at first sight the story. Traditionally, the hopeful romantics who star in the Experimental Dating Series haven’t met their spouses until they married them at the altar. Although this has been the premise of the series since its debut in 2014, Johnny and Bao have defied those demands. On their wedding day, Johnny and Bao immediately recognized each other from college. Although they went to different universities, the newlyweds had met before they got married. Not only had they met before playing in Married at first sight season 13, but Johnny had Ghost Bao years before he married on reality TV.

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Viewers were skeptical about Johnny and Bao’s chances of making their relationship work the second time around. One of the reasons fans aren’t convinced by the couple is Johnny’s expectations of Bao. Johnny wants his wife to live up to standards he doesn’t hold up to. For example, Johnny called Bao to snore during the night. Bao explained to her that her snoring was a sensitive topic she didn’t want to talk about, and Johnny took it personally. Instead of allowing Bao to be human and getting worked up about an issue he was highlighting on national television, Johnny expected Bao to let go. If Johnny were less critical and didn’t hold Bao to such high standards, it might not be a couple who Married at first sight fans criticize.

Johnny Bao

Another demand from Johnny’s that viewers find unrealistic is his expectation that Bao shower as much as he does. Bao noted that Johnny showered several times a day and revealed that she sometimes only shower a few times a week. Bao confessed that she was lazy and tired after going to the gym. When she does, she prefers to sleep on the couch instead of showering before bed. While many fans were put off by Bao’s admission, Johnny’s response also left a lot to be desired. Johnny asked if Bao could at least rinse himself off. He then added that he didn’t want to worry about whether Bao was clean or not. “the low,” which offended viewers. Johnny shouldn’t expect his wife to completely change her routine in order to prepare her body for him. This awkward conversation is one of the reasons why Johnny and Bao MAFS might not last.

Johnny has the right to have his own standards, but fans think he’s asking too much of his new wife Bao. From judging her insecurities to wanting her to shower on her schedule, Johnny doesn’t allow Bao to be just herself. Although everything Married at first sight fans are backing him and Bao, Johnny may have to lower his expectations if he wants his marriage to work.

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