Woman found dead after meeting older man on dating app

A DEVASTATED family is searching for answers as to why their 23-year-old daughter was found dead in her apartment after meeting an older man on the Bumble dating app.

Lauren Smith-Fields was found unconscious in her Bridgeport, New York home on December 12.


Lauren Smith-Fields was found dead in her apartment on December 12
The 23-year-old pictured left with unidentified family members


The 23-year-old pictured left with unidentified family members

The unidentified man alerted police to his death but was not taken for questioning.

An autopsy was performed but the cause of death of the young woman has not yet been revealed by the forensic pathologist.

Investigators are also not commenting on the case, according to Westchester News 12.

The Smith-Fields family have criticized the cops and his father says he paid for a second autopsy because they claim they are not getting the answers they expect from authorities.

The family claim his death took place under mysterious circumstances.

“Without a doubt, we know my daughter was not a junkie, and I myself had a second paid autopsy out of pocket because we felt so uncomfortable with the way it was. managed, “her father Everett told News 12.

He blasted the police response in a scathing statement claiming the family had dealt with a “very callous, condescending and arrogant detective.”

The heartbroken father added that he believed the family hadn’t even received “basic courtesies” from the authorities and were told to stop calling.

“It’s killing me inside, I miss my baby,” said mom Shantell Fields.

“Life isn’t the same, I don’t know who I’ll be after this.”


Her brother Lakeem Jetter also asked why the “older white man” she met on the dating app is not a target of suspicion.

“I asked him about the guy, he just made the guy look like a nice guy, nothing to investigate,” he said of the cops.

Smith-Fields’ mother wrote a letter to the police department asking for answers on her daughter’s case as local officials speak out in favor of the family.

City Councilor Maria Pereira told News 12 the family deserved an apology after receiving no response on the case.

“She sent a very well-written email – it was long, it was full, it was very detailed – and I was shocked when she told me yesterday that she hadn’t even received response, “said the city councilor.


Smith-Fields’ family say she was a track star in Stamford High School and is currently attending community college.

She is also said to have created her own side business to finance her studies.

Fans left tributes on the 23-year-old’s YouTube and Instagram accounts as they mourned her loss.

“So beautiful and had a whole life ahead of it. Not fair,” one user wrote.

“Completely unfair. Rest in peace, beautiful angel,” added another.

“We will miss you my little girl,” basketball player Kuran Iverson wrote.

In his latest posts, Smith-Fields shared several selfies with the caption “self-destructing” just six days before his tragic death.

“Always smiling,” she wrote in another post.


The Sun has contacted the Bridgeport Police Department for comment.

In a statement to News 12, the city of Bridgeport said a review of the case was underway.

“The Bridgeport Police Department takes these concerns very seriously,” he said.

“The Detective Office staff is reviewing the handling of this case to ensure that best practices have been and are being followed.

“It is imperative to note that the death of Lauren Smith-Fields remains an ongoing investigation,” the statement added.

“Our department offers our sincere condolences to Lauren’s family.”

Her fans paid tribute on Lauren's social media accounts


Her fans paid tribute on Lauren’s social media accounts

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